It's about time

It's time we set a clear benchmark for entry-level digital artists

Lawyers have to "pass the bar", so why shouldn't digital artists have a similar benchmark to certify their skills?

This is the main driving factor behind Certified Digital Artist (CDA) and the reason why we are on a mission to help standardise skills for digital artists on a global stage.

Image of screening room at Framestore, a partner of CDA.

Certified Digital Artist (CDA) focuses on three key creative industries: Visual Effects, 3D Animation and Games.

Certified Digital Artist details standards by role, grounded in its competency framework covering skills, knowledge and abilities, specifically for entry level positions.

For talent, this helps provide clear goals and expectations for their learning path. This clarity about what competencies are relevant today allows them to stay at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry, see how they can progress, and develop their career over a lifetime.

For studio’s recruitment teams, this accreditation helps reduce the drain on teams and resources normally allocated to dealing with unqualified applications for entry level roles. The ability to recommend these unified skills and competancies simplifies feedback to applicants and sets clear expectations for applicants wanting to reapply.

For educational facilities or studio learning and development teams, CDA provides the much needed support to create curriculums that adequately prepare talent standards that would enable them to provide training that is "fit-for-purpose."

Trusted & Respected

Supported by Studios, Education & Industry Experts

Certified Digital Artist (CDA) is trusted by leading studios, educators and industry professionals that all believe in this accreditation and the value it delivers.

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“There is no scenario in which a set of certified standards doesn’t represent a significant win-win for talent, studios and educators involved in the creative media and entertainment industry.”
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The Rookies has been helping launch careers of aspiring artists since 2009. Their reputation and dedication to the creative media and entertainment industry is highly regarded by industry, educators and artists around the globe. This makes them the perfect independant team to collect, manage and present the communal opinions of key stakeholders involved with this data.

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