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3D animation includes content specifically created for feature animated films and short films. The key difference here is that all elements are 100% Computer Generated - environments, characters, set, props, animation and effects.

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What is the 3D Animation Industry?

There is a lot to learn about the 3D Animation industry, and many people have varied opinions about what it covers and how it compares to similar industries such as Visual Effects. Here is some helpful information to help clear things up.


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There are many departments and key roles that need talented and capable digital artists. Choose from the following most popular roles and get your accreditation today.

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“This initiative is long overdue. Industry lead direction and assessment for Digital Artists is crucial.”
Shane Aherne
“Brilliant idea and I'm super happy to support it! I'm a keen fan of anything that aims to demystify VFX for those who'd like to join this awesome industry.”
Rosie Walker
Double Negative
“This initiative will be a fantastic tool for artists and studios and it will help to do the hiring process more efficiently while helping us, the artist, to keep pushing ourselves.”
Tomas Sackmann
3D Character artist
“I love this so much!”
Alex Gombos
Sony Playstation
“Having industry provide some structure around what their basic needs are can only be beneficial to all parties and help to create a more robust, well informed and industry-ready workforce.”
Sandy Aspinall
Creative Juice SA Recruitment
“Many of my students ask the question 'Are my skills good enough to start applying for jobs?' This certificate program gives them the definitive answer that they are ready to start applying for their dream job working on animated films!"
Michael Tanzillo
Substance 3D at Adobe
“A set of entry level professional standards is an unaddressed need for the VFX, Animation, and Games industries.”
James Marshall
CDW Animation
“I can't tell you how many times I have seen junior artists apply for jobs without the right skills. This certification is going to set a clear benchmark and target for everyone.”
Alwyn Hunt
The Rookies
“I think this is going to help us have access to a more diverse pool as some individuals that are self-taught can now technically apply for accreditation – REALLY exciting!"
Christeen Mackey
Crystal Dynamics
What's this all about?


Still need a little help understanding all this? Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by artists interested in improving their employment chances by getting certified.

How do I apply for this certification?

When ready, go here to apply as a Certified Digital Artist. The application process is conducted online using our review portal. During your application, you will be asked to submit a range of digital media that demonstrates your skills and related competency.

Do I need this certification to get a job?

No, you do not need to be a CDA to be gainfully employed. At its core, this free resource was created to help provide clear goals and expectations for all artists. It is your choice to become accredited and use it to help increase your chances of employment.

Why should I certify my skills?

It will dramatically improve your chances of being employed and getting ahead in your career. Getting certified is a smart move that will also allow you to apply for jobs with confidence and stand out from the crowd.

What do I receive if I am Certified?

You receive a verifiable blockchain generated digital badge that you can share online. You will be introduced to recruiters from the world's top studios. You will receive a PDF certificate to present as part of your portfolio.

Who reviews my application?

All applications are reviewed by multiple industry experts that have worked professionally for over 8 years. To see the calibre of reviewers, please check out partners as a guide to people that support the CDA accreditation.

Can I request a re-evaluation of my score?

No, we must ensure that candidates who earn our certifications have demonstrated the required proficiency level, the final result of a certification process cannot be changed.

How long is Certification valid?

Certification is valid for 3 years from your certification date. To maintain your status after 3 years, you must reapply to make sure your skills are still relevant to industy standards.

I’m a school, can we use this as part of my curriculum?

Yes, this archive of industry approved content is openly available to all education facilities to help make sure your curriculum is in alignment with the studios employing your graduates.

I failed my certification application, can I submit again?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for certification at any time. However, please consider completing a preparation course to help improve your chances.

I would like to contribute to this project

Brilliant! We want as many experts and passionate people involved. Please contact us by completing this application form.
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